Delta Pars Nahadeh Company, which has launched its trial stations since its establishment, has also invited me to visit its field day events.

I have seen the supply of a good variety of new hybrid cultivars, both for outdoor and greenhouse conditions, and this could meet part of the needs of the farmers of my country.

In the current situation where the oppressive sanctions of the West have made it difficult for companies and farmers to access new hybrid cultivars as well as the seeds of green hybrid cultivars, this company has made great efforts not to leave its consumers market unanswered in such sanctions and provide the continuation of production and food security of the country by providing timely and appropriate quality seeds.

I hope that Delta Pars Nahadeh Company, with the cooperation and participation of its foreign partners, will both develop breeding programs inside Iran and start seed production of hybrid cultivars that are on the national list of cultivars in Iran.

I hope to see the day we will have more growth in country's seed industry.